The Thomas P. Merwin House, the William Bartlett House, and the Eighmie Patent Shirt

"Thomas P. Merwin, then one of the young dry goods merchants of the city, occupying the double store on Chapel street, adjoining the New Haven National bank, was married to Harriett A. Warner, daughter of Gaius F. Warner, the malleable iron manufacturer, by the Rev. William T. Eustis, pastor of that church, who was then one of the most popular preachers in the city. Four children have blessed that union, all of whom are living in this city to congratulate this couple upon fifty years of their happy married life. Mr. and Mrs. Merwin established their home on College street, enlarging the same from time to time as the growing family necessitated, where they still reside."

New Haven Photographer David Ottenstein documents a disappearing era, by Michael Harvey

"The demolition of the Hyperion Theater was the turning point in the work of New Haven photographer David Ottenstein. In 1998 the old downtown concert hall, which in its opulent days had showcased everything from the music of Charles Ives to the Floradora two-act comedy, was collapsing and due to be razed. Architect Richard Turlington… Continue reading New Haven Photographer David Ottenstein documents a disappearing era, by Michael Harvey

Union League Club opens new building most auspiciously

"On the site of the original dwelling house of Roger Sherman, in New Haven, Conn., the Union League Club of that city has erected a strikingly handsome clubhouse, which was formally opened on Monday, the 12th of October."