Looking Back to the Days When our Connecticut Drummers Discovered What “Pep” Means to Business, by James A. Howard

"At the Republican League, now Union League, New Haven, in 1898, twenty years after organization, what was called the Old Guard was originated, all being members on the original roll... We were distributed in different rooms before the banquet, playing billiards or cards, when word came from Bushnell accompanied by a tumbler (no dwarfed glass of today) filled with what was claimed to be ginger ale with a dash of red liquor."

With the Help of a Few Extra Players and a Piano, by Charles Ives

"The Hyperion Theater, located just across the Yale campus on Chapel Street, was another place where Ives found the freedom to try out some of his more adventuresome pieces. The Hyperion was the largest theater in the city, with twenty-five hundred seats, and it was a definite cut above Poli's vaudeville house in the shows… Continue reading With the Help of a Few Extra Players and a Piano, by Charles Ives