This was Connecticut: images of a vanished world, by T. S. Bronson

"The great majority of photographs in this book are from the collection of the New Haven Colony Historical Society. But in order to give broader scope to this visual document of life in early Connecticut, other sources were used as well. These include the collection of Mrs. Edith LaFrancis (for all the striking photographs taken by George and Alvah Howes), the Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University (for selected scenes of life at early Yale)..."

Los Angeles Steam Plant No. 3

"The marvelous electrical development of Los Angeles has reached a climax in the installation of the great turbo-generator at Station No. 3 of the Edison Electric Company, on Avenue 23 and East Main street, and its accompanying equipment. It is three times the largest steam turbine unit on the Pacific Coast, and so vast in… Continue reading Los Angeles Steam Plant No. 3