The Los Angeles Brewing Company — Brewery Talk Nos. 1 – 20, 1903

"Here is the brewery that produces the finest beer on the Western Coast — Los Angeles beer. Its beginning dates back to August of 1897, when four energetic business men formed the Los Angeles Brewing Co. A desirable site was secured, the necessary buildings erected, the apparatus installed, and in May of 1898 the first drop of Los Angeles beer was put upon the market." -The Los Angeles Brewing Company, East Main Street, Los Angeles, California, 1903

Los Angeles Steam Plant No. 3

"The marvelous electrical development of Los Angeles has reached a climax in the installation of the great turbo-generator at Station No. 3 of the Edison Electric Company, on Avenue 23 and East Main street, and its accompanying equipment. It is three times the largest steam turbine unit on the Pacific Coast, and so vast in… Continue reading Los Angeles Steam Plant No. 3