These Old Houses of Connecticut

"The charm of these old houses lies in their intimate association with the history and growth of the colony, for they show a logical reason for their existence in that they were in accord with the needs and conditions of the times and answered the twofold purpose of clearing the forests and using the lumber to meet the demands of the settlers. Many of the old houses are gone and others are fast falling into decay, for the wooden buildings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries lack the durability of modern construction."

The Junior Prom. of the Class of 1883, by Frederick W. Rogers

"Mr. Frederick W. Rogers, '83, the chairman of the Promenade Committee of the Class of '83, has written for the News the following interesting account of the Promenade of 1882: 'Junior Prom, at Yale a quarter century ago, probably aroused as much interest, enthusiasm and pleasurable anticipation in the undergraduate world as the more elaborate… Continue reading The Junior Prom. of the Class of 1883, by Frederick W. Rogers

Yale Men Disturb Gaby

"Three Yale students were arrested toward the close of a show given by Gaby Deslys at the Hyperion Theatre last night during a disturbance, in which missles were thrown at the star. She was struck with pennies, cigarette boxes, and finally a bag of peanuts, the latter landing squarely on her forehead."