Number of houses 157.

-Image courtesy of the Internet Archive, Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, “History of the city of New Haven to the present time,” by Edward Elias Atwater, 1887 "General George H. Ford has in this week's Chronicle an illustrated article on 'Roger Sherman and His New Haven Home,' which is extremely interesting, as well as… Continue reading Number of houses 157.

Roger Sherman swapped land with a neighbor

"Both the original Nine Squares plan and the subdivision were designed with a clear, fixed plan in mind. But it took over sixty years to fully recognize the plan they laid out in 1784. Visitors to the city near 1800 could still remark that only 'most' of the squares were divided by cross streets. High… Continue reading Roger Sherman swapped land with a neighbor

New Haven during the War of the Revolution, July 5, 1779

"In the Morris house in East Haven are a chest of drawers hit by a British cannonball in 1779, and the missile itself; a painting of Amos Morris, and the chair on which he sat for the painting." -Image courtesy of the New York Times, Times Machines, "War-Scarred Relics of the Revolution," by Frances Phipps,… Continue reading New Haven during the War of the Revolution, July 5, 1779