-Image courtesy of the Internet Archive, “Father of America’s freedom; the story of the signers of the Declaration of Independence,” by Donald Ewin Cooke, illustrated by Harry J. Schaare, 1969

“To be unveiled in New Haven June 6. The Sons of the American Revolution will unveil the Roger Sherman memorial in New Haven on Monday, June 6, at four o’clock p. m. It is a tablet which will be placed on the wall of the Union League club building in this city, which is actually or approximately the site of Roger Sherman’s home. The memorial marks the spot where General Washington stopped over in New Haven in June, 1775, while on his way to Cambridge where he was going to take command of the army. He was the guest of Sherman.”
-Excerpt courtesy of the Library of Congress, Chronicling America, New Haven Daily Morning Journal and Courier, Friday, May 27, 1904. (top) Image courtesy of the Historical Marker Database, Michael Herrick of Southbury, Connecticut, August 25, 2010

-Image courtesy of, The Hartford Courant, Tuesday, June 7, 1904


Sons of American Revolution to Hold Impressive Ceremony — Bronze Memorial in Memory of Roger Sherman, Jurist, Patriot and Statesman — Exercises This Afternoon.

“A handsome bronze tablet, commemorative of one of New Haven’s citizens most prominent in history, will be unveiled this afternoon. The memorial is to Roger Sherman, and has already been placed on the front of the Union League Club building on Chapel street, where formerly stood the house of one of Connecticut’s famous men.

The exercises will begin at 4 o’clock this afternoon, and will be in charge of the Connecticut society of the Sons of the American Revolution. The tablet, which commemorates a visit of President Washington to his friend Roger Sherman, in 1789, will be presented on being unveiled by this society to the keeping of the Union League by whom it will be accepted and guarded as a reminder of the famous statesman, on the site of whose residence their clubhouse now stands.”
-Except courtesy of the Library of Congress, Chronicling America, New Haven Daily Morning Journal and Courier, Monday, June 6, 1904

-Image courtesy of, The Hartford Courant, Tuesday, June 7, 1904


Memorial on Front of Union League Unveiled — Impress Ceremonies Conducted by Sons of American Revolution — Interesting Addresses, Filled With Patriotic Sentiment — League Entertains Guests at Luncheon.

“The tablet was… placed on the front of the Union league as the club house is on the site on which originally stood the homestead of Roger Sherman, the Revolutionary patriot and statesman.

The address of presentation was made by President General Edwin S. Greeley… The following extracts are from General Greeley’s speech:

-Image courtesy of the Internet Archive, Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, “1903 National year book,” by Sons of the American Revolution, 1903

‘Mr. President, Compatriots, Ladies and Citizens of New Haven:’

‘We are assembled here to-day to witness the unveiling of a memorial tablet erected by the Connecticut society, Sons of the American Revolution, in commemoration of that great merchant, statesman and patriot, Roger Sherman, who was a resident of this city for the last thirty-two years of his life — years full of great activity and grand achievement.’

‘Rising from the humblest ranks to the highest by his own efforts in every upward step, he kept his head clear and his heart pure; wearing his honors meekly and for the public good; with a mind ever receptive of the truth; loving justice, and resolute in maintaining good; overthrowing error and with remarkable logic and yet tolerant of weakness and error in others.’

‘This site has been selected upon which to place this memorial because this building covers a part of the site of the house owned and occupied by Roger Sherman.’

In speaking of the tablet which was presented General Greeley said:

‘Of first importance is the inscription, which is the memorial feature of the tablet. This must be historically true and of simple and correct composition. Even the lettering must be chosen in reference to the character of the subject and the period of his service. The language of the memorial should be always declarative and never apologetic or explanatory.’

‘The design for the setting of this Roger Sherman memorial was suggested by an old colonial doorway of fine lines and proportion, and may be said to indicate the hospitality of the Sherman house in New Haven. The lettering of the design was suggested from the title page of a book printed in New England in 1775, the rugged and open character of which seems in good keeping with the same qualities of Sherman’s life, and it seems fortunate that the handsome and substantial character of the building upon which this tablet rests, is so well in keeping with the enduring bronze of which it is made.’

In closing General Greeley said:

‘In behalf of the committee I present this to you as the representative of the Connecticut society, this memorial tablet of the statesman, patriot and philanthropist, Roger Sherman.’

General Greeley’s address was received with enthusiasm, and the speakers was frequently interrupted with bursts of applause…

As the closing strains of America were sung General Greeley in behalf of the club thanked Mrs. Sarah T. Kinney and the ladies of the D. A. R. for their presence in such numbers at the exercises, after which President Martin invited all the guests to go up stairs and witness the unveiling of a portrait of Roger Sherman, presented to the club by Hon. Lynde Harrison. The portrait hangs on the wall directly over the tablet. Judge Harrison standing beneath the portrait said in part: ‘I little anticipated the pleasure of so large a number. The state of Connecticut and the whole nation honor the name of Sherman. If it had not been for what he did we might not have had a country.'”
-Excerpt courtesy of the Library of Congress, Chronicling America, New Haven Daily Morning Journal and Courier, Tuesday, June 7, 1904

“Pushing farther afield in the search for landmarks, a tablet on the wall of 1032 Chapel St. marks the home site of Roger Sherman (11) who lived in New Haven from 1761 until his death in 1793.” -Image courtesy of the Internet Archive, Prelinger Library, Connecticut State Planning Board, “The Connecticut guide, what to see and where to find it,” by Edgar L. Heermance, 1935
“Roger Sherman Homesite Marker.” -Image courtesy of the Historical Marker Database, Michael Herrick of Southbury, Connecticut, August 25, 2010

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