Booker T. Washington, A Guest of Honor

"Roosevelt looked calm and purposeful as he traveled through Connecticut on 23 October. The Secret Service, however, was noticeably apprehensive when he reached the Yale campus. In view of what had happened the last time a President had accepted public handshakes, he was forbidden to work the crowd. Shocked by this restriction, Roosevelt seemed to realize his personal and political danger for the first time. He averted his eyes from Washington during their march to Hyperion Theater. A revised security plan seated them far apart, with the Negro in the audience and Roosevelt himself on the stage. No reference to their dinner was made during the ensuing speeches. But cheers filled the hall when Supreme Court Justice David J. Brewer invoked the Father of the Nation and remarked, 'Thank God, there have always been in this country college men able to recognize a true Washington, though his first name be not George.'"

Williams and Walker in Bandanna Land at the Hyperion

"The colored favorites Williams and Walker in their new show entitled, 'Bandanna Land,' will appear at the Hyperion Tuesday, April 28. Southern scenes and atmosphere. The colored man from overalls to tuxedo. Ragtime talk and music. Music that's classical yet with the colored flavor. The colored gentleman of high degree elegant and humorous. The old… Continue reading Williams and Walker in Bandanna Land at the Hyperion