"Mr. Eldridge says the theaters of London and the customs of the people who attend them are far different from those in this country. The exterior of the English theater is much more prepossessing and the structures are among the most beautiful of the cities. Inside the American playhouse presents a better appearance. In addition to the costly decorations the lighting is much better in this country. In England the acting is done in the pit and the ladles and gentlemen in the stalls and the first balcony all have to wear evening clothes."

An actor in the role of his great-great-great-great-grandfather, by Nancy Cacioppo

"At some point after the lights go up tomorrow night at Elmwood Playhouse for the opening of the musical '1776,' Derek Sherman Tarson will appear on stage playing the role of Roger Sherman, delegate to the Second Continental Convention and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. For Tarson, it will be more than just another dramatic part. Because Roger Sherman is Tarson's great-great-great-great-grandfather."

Charles Ives and “After the Ball”

"On April 7, 1894, the Hyperion Theater in New Haven, Connecticut, presented a performance of one of the era's most popular musical comedies, 'A Trip to Chinatown.' Having made its debut in New York in 1891, the show already had established the record for longest-running Broadway musical, a mark it held for nearly three decades.… Continue reading Charles Ives and “After the Ball”