The Union League Available, Price $165,000

"Available: The Union League, New Haven, Conn. Price $165,000. First floor: beautifully panelled Club Room with fireplace. Two private dining rooms and bar / office area. Second floor: banquet hall, private dining areas, game room, bar, modern kitchen and dining room equipment. Third and fourth floor: fourteen rooms for downtown bachelor living. Basement: 2 bowling alleys."

Theaters at the Mid-Block, by Elihu Rubin

"New Haven’s colonial founders established a 9-square plan, dating to 1638, with each square occupying about 16 acres.  The original squares were subdivided starting in the late 18th century, but this process still left large, square-shaped blocks.  The result is that we see a lot of action in the 'Mid-Block.' Consider this image from the… Continue reading Theaters at the Mid-Block, by Elihu Rubin