-Image courtesy of the Hyperion New Haven Collection, 2020
  1. The Club House will be open for members every day at 7 a. m. After one at night admittance may be claimed by lodgers only. The cafe service will be closed at 12 o’clock. The house at one o’clock a. m., except when otherwise allowed by the Board of Governors.
  2. Members or visitors are forbidden to fee employees, or to send them outside the Club House.
  3. No person shall be admitted to the Club House except members and visitors invited under the rules: and all persons calling upon members or visitors, or having business with the Club.
  4. Persons residing in New Haven and vicinity and eligible to membership shall not be admitted to the Club House more than four times in any one year, or more than twice in any one month.
  5. The name of every visitor or guest shall be registered in the visitors’ book, with the name of the member introducing him. Members introducing guests shall be held responsible for all debts incurred by them to the Club.
  6. Members desiring rooms for themselves or guests will make application through the House Committee or their authorized representative. The price of bedrooms shall be one dollar and fifty cents per night, and bedrooms with baths two dollars.
  7. The tariff and regulation of supplies and bedrooms shall be under the control of the House Committee.
  8. Any member or members having the use of a private room in the Club House at any time, must first obtain the permission of the Chairman of the House Committee or his representative, who shall make a charge therefor of not less than one dollar.
  9. No dogs shall be allowed in the Club House.
  10. No papers… shall be taken from the Assembly Room.
  11. No billiards, card playing, or other games, will be permitted in the House on Sunday. A charge to cover costs will be made for every new pack of cards furnished for members.
  12. No person shall date or mention from the Club any communication intended to appear in any newspaper, periodical or publication.
  13. No drinks or refreshments shall be served in the Assembly Room, except in case of necessity, and only when authorized by the Board of Governors, Chairman of the Committee or his representative.
  14. All meals will be served in the Conversation Room except in cases of necessity, and when duly authorized.
  15. …7:30 to 10 a. m. Other meals to order from 12 noon to 12 midnight.
  16. …subject to a service charge of twenty-five cents per meal.
  17. Ladies are not allowed the privileges of the Club House except by consent of the Board of Governors or the House Committee. No member or visitor will be allowed in the Ladies’ Dining Rooms, except when accompanied by a lady or ladies.
  18. Any injury to the property of the Club shall be paid for by the member or members committing the same, the amount to be assessed by the House Committee.
  19. No subscription paper can be circulated nor any articled exposed for sale in the Club House without permission of the Board of Governors.
  20. A visitor’s card entitles the visitor to all the privileges of the Club for two weeks, and must be signed by the Secretary of the Club and bear the date of issue, the name of the visitor and the name of the introducing member. No person who is eligible to resident membership shall be entitled to a visitor’s card.
  21. Any member can present a visitor’s card to an eligible visitor on entering in the visitors’ registry book, the date, the member’s name, and the name of the visitor and his residence. The privileges of visitors may be terminated at any time at the discretion of the House Committee.
  22. The admission fee of twenty-five dollars for resident membership and fifteen dollars for non-resident membership, is payable upon notice of election and must be paid before the new member is entitled to any of the privileges of the Club. The dues of new members shall begin the month after their membership fee has been paid.
  23. The names of all members in arrears for dues 30 days after the expiration of the unpaid quarter shall be bulletined.
  24. All supply bills of the Club shall be rendered the first of each month, and any member in arrears after the expiration of thirty days shall be refused credit. No order for supplies given by a posted member shall be recognized until his account is paid. Limit of credit for supplies furnished resident members, $100.00; to non-resident members, $50.00.
  25. Complaints — Members are requested to make written complaints to the House Committee, or to the Secretary, of any matter in the administration of the House seeming to need correction.
    The Steward is required to notify the House Committee of any violation of the rules of the House.


In complying with these rules we create harmony and good fellowship, and avoid infringing upon the rights and privileges of our fellow members.


-Excerpt courtesy of the Union League Café Collection, “UNION LEAGUE CLUB, HOUSE RULES,” undated. (top) Image courtesy of HartfordDailyPhoto.blogspot.com, Hartford and Naples in Season, “Union League Café,” by Jack, Saturday, June 15, 2013

-Image courtesy of the Hyperion New Haven Collection, 2020
-Image courtesy of the Hyperion New Haven Collection, 2020

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