Night Rainbow New Haven, by Yvette Mattern

Trajectory of Night Rainbow — New Haven, Connecticut

Night Rainbow New Haven, Photos by Harold Shapiro

East Rock Summit
Hula Hoopers on the Green
Lower Green
Center Church on the Green
Towards the Corner of Chapel and College Streets

“A light sculpture of monumental scale, Yvette Mattern’s Night Rainbow, Global Rainbow New Haven utilized high-specification lasers in each of the colors of the visual light spectrum (ROYGBIV) to create a rainbow emanating from the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument at the summit of East Rock Park, and over the City of New Haven. During the four-night projection from April 24 to April 27, 2013, New Haven residents were drawn from one neighborhood to the next, investigating the changes in the cityscape below, as well as in the form itself. The Rainbow was visible from many locations in and around the City, its form dynamic, changing shape depending on the viewer’s position to the origin point of the lasers.

Mattern’s Night Rainbow is indebted to the the site-specific light sculptures of James Turrell as well as to the large-scale inflatable sculptures set aloft by German artist Otto Peine, which became known as Sky art. Of particular influence is Piene’s Olympic Rainbow, commissioned for the closing ceremony of the 1972 Munich Olympics. The enormous rainbow-like construction consisted of five colored polythene tubes filled with helium, each nearly 2000 feet long, hovering in an arc over the Olympic Stadium.”
-Excerpt courtesy of Art Sites New Haven, ARTcheology, Yvette Mattern’s Night Rainbow, Global Rainbow New Haven, 2013. (top) Image courtesy of Site Projects, Night Rainbow, Global Rainbow New Haven, laser light sculpture by Yvette Mattern, photo by Harold Shapiro, 2013

Opening Night


New Haven Register, Thursday, April 25, 2013
Yale Daily News, April 25, 2013
Yale Alumni Magazine, July/August 2013

Somewhere over the ‘Night Rainbow’

“Yale photographers Patrick Lynch and Julia Myers took a helicopter ride on April 26 to capture bird’s-eye images of the ‘Night Rainbow | Global Rainbow New Haven’ exhibition celebrating the 375th anniversary of New Haven’s founding, and visions of the illuminated city itself. The ‘Night Rainbow’ is the creation of artist Yvette Mattern & Site Projects.”
-Excerpt courtesy of Yale University, Yale News, “Somewhere over the ‘Night Rainbow,'” photos by Patrick Lynch and Julia Myers, April 27, 2013

Global Rainbow

After the Storm, NYC, 2013

UK, 2012

Berlin, 2010

Yvette Mattern

“Yvette Mattern is an American artist now living in Berlin. Mattern’s work has an emphasis on video and film, frequently intersecting sculpture, performance, and public. She has exhibited her work in Berlin, Vienna, Dakar, New York, Venice, Rome, Chicago, Amsterdam, England, Northern Ireland and France. The artist’s hope for the Rainbow is to connect all demographics in a beautifully engaging experience. She sees the work as a symbol of hope and peace.”
-Excerpt courtesy of Site Projects, Night Rainbow, Global Rainbow New Haven, laser light sculpture by Yvette Mattern, 2013

Art Sites New Haven

ARTcheology: Yvette Mattern’s Night Rainbow

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