A House, Barn, Home Lot and Orchard

“The land has been in residential use for most of its recorded history. As early as 1641, a ‘house, barn, home lot and orchard’ belonged to Richard Platt. It passed from him to John Benham and then to Joseph Benham. In 1670 the the property, approximating two acres, was deeded to Samuel Street for 27 pounds. In 1721 to Nathaniel Mix and in 1725 to his son, Jabez Mix. In two transactions in 1760 and 1762, Jabez Mix deeded the entire home-lot and the old home to Roger Sherman, possibly New Haven’s most outstanding citizen in all its long history.”
-Excerpt courtesy of, “The Roger Sherman Building,” by the office of Schiavone Realty and Development Corporation, undated. (top) Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, “A plan of the town of New Haven: with all the buildings in 1748 taken by the Hon. Gen. Wadsworth of Durham to which are added the names and professions of the inhabitants at that period: also the location of lots to many of the first grantees,” by William Lyon, Thomas Kensett, James Wadsworth, and the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences. Published by T. Kensett, engraver, 1806

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