Media Experience at XOCO

For the 7 years that I worked for Chef Rick Bayless (PBS TV series, multiple James Beard Award winner) in Chicago as a restaurant manager, I was managing media for his restaurants, as well. When I started, Chef Rick only had a personal Twitter account. I designed the branding, social media pages, website, and online ordering platform for the restaurant that I managed, XOCO. I grew this part of the business to reach an audience of over 30 thousand and created a revenue stream that ended up constituting over a third of overall sales.

In the beginning, I brainstormed the branding, “XOCO TOGO,” and created graphical design around the concept (my logos are still in use today, almost 2 years later.) Next I registered the domain, “” and built the website on WordPress. After we launched, I updated the site every week with images – DSLR camera (my professional camera is a Canon 5d Mark II) photos from the photoshoots we scheduled with the chef whenever a new dish was released.

Created and grew the Facebook page to reach to more than 24 thousand.

Created and grew the Instagram account to more than 9 thousand followers.

Interviewed regarding the marketing (first video) and online ordering platform (second video).

For more of my restaurant media experience, and references, please visit:

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